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Jane Zolkina

Awake the energy within

Welcome to the world of EnerJane! 

Energy is life and a driving force of all creation.


Are you looking to live abundant and balanced life? Then, this platform was created for you. Balanced energy flows only in a healthy body. It is a true magic within, that can help you to process fears, anger, trauma, heal sickness and to light a spark of creativity. 

How to get to this level? The energy balance is often defined by the input. You are - what you consume. Social networks, alcohol, cigarettes, pills, and other addictions may briefly lend some energy and ease pain, but there is always a pay back. Borrowed energy doesn’t last. 

Raise your energy level naturally with EnerJane! Together, we will learn to become friends with the bodies and create new healthy habits. With help of daily yoga, meditation, natural food and remedies, you will master your inner energy flow and say “bye-bye” to unnecessary stress and drama in life.

Break the chains of the system. Become the boss of your energy! 

Upcoming Events


Hatha Yoga is an alignment-oriented asana practice to restore and balance solar and lunar energies in the body. Learn more about hatha yoga classes, workshops, online courses, and retreats here.


Tantra teaches us to treat our body as a manifestation of divine perfection, as a piece of art. Learn more about workshops, online courses, retreats, and tantric massage classes here.


Community of like-minded people to heal and grow together. Get an exclusive access to the Healing Community group events and gatherings here.


Menstruation, Pregnancy, and Menopause
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Woman has a very different body than a man. Her muscles are soft and light, her skeletal structure is not broad as in man. Yoga is perfect for women of all ages and backgrounds, it helps woman to fulfil her tasks as well as maintain her complexion and femininity. 


Find articles on yoga journey, ways to naturally heal your body and free your busy mind.


Cup of morning Hatha Yoga with EnerJane. Start your day right, enjoy these FREE and quick yoga routines suitable for beginners and advanced practicioners.

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