Morning Routine with Enerjane

Replace your morning coffee with the most refreshing full-body experience. Recharge your butteries, flush out toxins and boost energy level while getting kissed by the morning sun and sweet ocean breeze.

Start your day bright and early on the beach with a fresh coconut, guided meditation, and an energizing breath work session, to activate your senses and bring awareness to the present moment. 


Continue with a private hatha yoga class, created especially for your needs and goals, to increase your blood flow and balance energy in the body.
Top it with a refreshing ice bath to boost your immune system and a super-food smoothie, prepared by my special recipe with love. 

The whole experience is about 2.5 hours long and doesn’t require any preparation on your part. Just show up with an open mind and a smile and let me take you on this unforgettable adventure. 



- Fresh coconut
- 30-minute meditation and breath work session
- 1-hour private Hatha Yoga class
- Ice bath session 
- Super-food smoothie
- Yoga mat, blocks, belt, and blanket