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Manifest Reality 101 

Start April 18th, 2022

Universe is vast and has EVERYTHING your heart desires.
I will be facilitating this journey on Telegram for those who
are craving change, feeling stuck, but ready to have it all and 
have an intention to act towards a reality others call a dream.

During these 52 steps we will find our main goal, learn ways to manifest it to reality and make circumstances work in our favor. I mean it.
Your wish is my command:
- Self-Love

- Harmonious Relationships
- Crazy Wealth
- Home with a View
- Dream Job, etc.
Literally, ANYTHING!!

Once a week you'll get a practical exercise from me and have a support of the like-minded community. 
Very important: absolutely zero tolerance to cursing and negative energy in the group. You'll be kicked out without payment return. Only positive vibes and support.

I have been a huge fan of Vadim Zeland's book "Reality Transurfing" for over a decade, and I wouldn't like to make my achievements public, but I feel like now, it's my duty to share this magic with you.

Happy journey everyone!!

*NOT my invention, based on Vadim Zeland and Tatiana Samarina Books, energy exchange is for facilitating ONLY
Become an ultimate multi-orgasmic WOMAN

Open dates!

This is the next level of life. This is your key to unlock the source of femininity.

Combining the knowledge of basic anatomy, psychology and ancient tantra, we will find a path to become a tantric woman in the modern world, the one who is at peace and complete harmony with her own body. Together, we'll face the challenges on the way to access pleasure and to release trauma. Most of all, we will learn to surrender, be vulnerable and sensual as only a woman can be.

By the end of this course you will know:

- 3 Steps to Unconditional Self-Love

- 5 Sacred Yoni Spots

- 12 + 1 Ways of Orgasms

- Pelvic Floor Structure

- Kegel Exercises, Pelvic Movements

- Moon Cycles and Menstruation

- Psychosomatics

- Basics of Yoga and Meditation and more...

For the 3-week intensive you will need these items:

  • A large mirror, preferably, as tall as you are

  • A tiny mirror, the size of your hand

  • A beautiful notebook and a special pen (or colorful pens)

Please contact me, if you have any doubts or questions.

The first 7 days are completely FREE!!

To register, you need to become a site member.

or, if you already have registered


Chiara Mussari, Italy

Jane is a wonderful Goddess trainer and this online course has been a Fantastic Journey.
It has been a journey into myself, into both pain and pleasure, and Jane has been able to facilitate the process making everyone feeling safe so we could confide with each others.She has been able to move energies creating great vibes. She showed me places and sensations that I never knew before...
She connects instantly with you and makes you feel safe, because she's very sensitive and knowledgeable.
You can feel how she moves your energy up even throughout an online course! Jane teaches you how to move energy up by yourself.
She's an expert! But more then this, she puts her heart in what she does, and this is the most important thing. Thank you so much for creating this space for me.
Thank you for your energy, and time and love. I’m so grateful. I would take the course 1000 times!


Renée, 37, Switzerland

Jane‘s course is a game changer and must do for all women, no matter the age! Expect a perfect cocktail of new information, tools and exercises that will pimp your personal growth, self love and sex life. It was the first safe space where I could discuss really intimate topics with fellow women (no judging or tabus!).

Thank you again Jane! 


Sofia Be, USA

I have taken a course with Jane June 2020.

It was such a blissful uplifting experience. It has been now 4 weeks since the course and I feel transformed as a woman and as human being. JANE, WHEN ARE YOU DOING THE ADVANCED COURSE?

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