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The Art of Being a Woman RETREAT

Flourish as confident women

  • 15 min
  • form $1099 to $1399
  • Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Service Description

The beautiful wise woman at our core might starve without proper nourishing, care and love. A culture of shame and men domination has limited our ways to flourish as confident women. This retreat is created for you to awaken and bring your raw essence for the world to see and enjoy. ​We will discuss all the main “taboo” topics: orgasms, pelvic floor, periods, relationships, sexual compatibility of partners, dive deep in the sacred tantric knowledge and practices and much, much more! You will be able to release old patterns and open to the power of the universal feminine energies; let go of sufferings, traumas, and guilt while creating room for a healthy and exciting present; restore the connection between your sexual creative energy, mind and body; realize and embrace the perfection of your unique personality and divine feminine nature. Together, we will draw a path to unconditional self-love. This week is about you: work, kids and obligations will just have to wait. Be open to discovering the beautiful, radiant, orgasmic you. There is no need to pretend, act or plan anything. Follow your intuition and cross the gate to your inner temple of divine beauty, power and self-love. This retreat includes: ​Daily Yoga for Women and Meditation Daily Lectures on Archetypes of the Main Indian Goddesses, Pelvic Floor Structure, Types of Orgasms, Balance of Feminine and Masculine Energies, etc. Self-love Kit: Jade Yoni Egg, Eve cup and more... Temazcal (Traditional Mexican Sweat Lodge Ceremony) Sunset Hike to La Punta Cometa Surprise Fun Field Trips… Shhh! Feminine Circles to Cultivate Trust and Sisterhood Tarot Nights 6-night Upscale Accommodation 6 Vegetarian Breakfasts and Dinners Book here to get into a personal call with EnerJane and set up your retreat to your needs.

Contact Details

+ 521-954-165-5441

Sunset Yoga with EnerJane, Casa Aloe, Michoacán, Brisas de Zicatela, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

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