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Hatha YOGA

is an alignment-oriented practice to restore and balance solar and lunar energies in the body. We hold classic asanas longer, to be able to open space in the physical and energetic bodies to shift stagnant energy and relieve any blockages and knots.

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Hatha Yoga, this practice is focused on flexibility, balance, core strength, as well as concentration, breath control and strong connection between mind and body. This class explores movements and sequences including sun salutations, backbends, forward folds, and twists. Arm balances and inversions might also be added.

Classes with EnerJane are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. To learn more about Hatha Yoga CLICK HERE.


The only Yoga Teacher Training that will take you on the journey from Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to BKS Iyengar.

Early Bird (EB) Package is available until March 1st.

Yoga Teacher

April 8-28, 2024
Puerto Escondido,
Oaxaca, Mexico.

Yoga Group Classes in Puerto Escondido is an experience set in a heavenly place that creates the perfect energy to immerse yourself in a class created for all levels and bodies. Book your spot.


Monday to Thursday
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Yoga in Puerto Escondido,
Oaxaca, Mexico.


One-on-one yoga class created especially for your needs and goals. If you are looking to heal a specific pain or learn a new asana, book your private yoga class here.

Classes on-line via Zoom and in-person - Pto. Escondido, Mexico.

This body awareness yoga retreat Roughly 80% of people living an urban lifestyle experience back pain at some point in their lives. If you are one of them and looking for pain relief, this retreat is for you! Begin by understanding your spine and aligning yourself, because you can be PAIN-FREE!


"Properties of each chakra as a diagnostic tool"

Download your FREE guide here

The visible is never the root, root is always hidden. No sickness nor pian appears from thin air. Physical body suffering is always a sign of neglect or mistreatment. Start paying attention to your actions and analyzing your habits. If you heal the root of your problem, the side effects will disappear, too...

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