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Hatha Yoga
Private Classes 

Private hatha yoga class -online or in person- with EnerJane is specifically designed for your needs, whether you are looking to balance energy, learn a headstand or to manage stress. You choose intensity of the hatha yoga flow according to your abilities. We will focus on your goals and will help you find correct hatha yoga asana alignment. We will choose a perfect program to grow in your yoga practice organically on your own time.

I highly recommend starting with two-three private yoga classes a weak to see results within a month. We can meet on-line via Zoom app or in-person if you decide to visit my Mexican paradise.

1 Class $50 

10 Classes $400

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Treat a chronic pain


Get stronger and more flexible


Learn a yoga sequence suitable for your body


Course Description

To practice hatha yoga classes online you will only need a yoga mat, 2 blocks and a belt. To practice in person, just show up with open mind and comfy clothes.

Application process is simple. Fill up our quick questionnaire below and schedule our personal call, for us to match your needs and goals the best way. On-line students will receive a FREE 30-minute hatha yoga practice with EnerJane to make sure our energies match before you commit for a longer journey. Discover a healing power of yoga today!

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John Duber, NYC

EnerJane’s Yoga is the perfect all-around experience. Jane has a warm spirit and a wonderful soul that lights up any yoga studio that she teaches in.Jane’s technical know-how is top-notch. She brings her passion to the yoga mat and turns a challenging yoga session into a fun and meaningful experience thereby allowing the yogi to find well-being with body and mind. In one year of yoga with Jane I progressed more than my previous five years of experience with other yogis - That’s in part because she encourages her students and believes in them.

Is Jane’s yoga easy?  No. But I want to feel like I’ve challenged myself and gotten something from the class and that’s what I get every time doing yoga with Jane.  

Jane Zolkina

Jane is a 200-hour certified Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher (Abhinam Yoga). 

Educated by yoga gurus in India, she prioritizes correct alignment and injury-free yoga. Her practice is a combination of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Iyengar alignment principles.

She teaches Vinyasa Flow, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Meditation. 

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