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Tantra and

Tantra is a spiritual path and a way of life, it’s not a religion. It is a personal practice of liberation. Tantra shows us how to be in love with the whole existence, not just with the things that please us, like our lover or flowers, but also with things like death and impermanence.

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Tantra has a lot of controversy around it for a simple reason, in Tantra - “anything goes.” But Tantra is not the art of lovemaking, it’s the only known spiritual path that allows and uses sex for personal evolution. Don’t be confused, only about 5% of Tantric teachings connected to sexual practices.

Tantra teaches us to treat our body as a manifestation of divine perfection, a piece of art, a temple. There is absolutely no evolution without appreciation of a body. Whenever you are disrespectful to your body you are losing contact with reality. Body is the only bridge between physical and spiritual worlds. Tantra teaches us to use a body to go “beyond” a body.

Location: Puerto Escondido

April 3-8, 2023

Become a certified Yoni Massage Therapist! Be one of the most searched healers around the world. 

You will learn to support women on the healing journey, help them blossom in their power, reach full orgasmic potential and deal with trauma and energetical blockages.

Register now, Early Bird prices available only till March 14th.


Tantric Yoni Massage Therapist Training



August 26, 2023
Daya Yoga Studio

Brooklyn, NY

Learn to be a tantric woman, a woman who is in peace and complete harmony with her own body. Discover a source of feminine sexuality and challenges on the way to access pleasure. 


Become an Ultimate Multi-Orgasmic Woman, combining the knowledge of basic anatomy, psychology and ancient tantra, we will find a path to become a tantric woman in the modern world. 




Tantric Massage is a sacred healing ceremony for awakening stagnant energies in the body and removing physical and emotional blockages caused mostly by traumas and mistreatments. 


"How 4 stages of the moon cycle affect your period"
Download your FREE guide here

All life forms go through the stages of birth, growth, death, and renewal, that are mirrored in the cycle of the moon. Understanding the connection between moon cycle and menstruation can help us appreciate this sacred time and be in harmony with it.

The program tied to your needs and goals as a couple. You will learn the art of tantric massage, explore aspects of femininity and masculinity on each chakra, and the ways it influences personality, relationships and even habits. Learn ways to balance and sublime energies for a fuller and more harmonious life.

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