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Tantric Yoni Massage Therapist Training

6 days (50 hours) of deep dive into the Yoni Massage Therapy. This training is for any woman who is looking to fully understand female body and origins of pleasure, learn to sublimate energy and become a successful and attentive tantric healer.

April 3-8, 2023
Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

What is Tantric Massage:

It is a sacred healing ceremony for awakening stagnant energies in the body and removing physical and emotional blockages caused mostly by traumas and mistreatments. 

What "yoni" means?

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for the female genital organs

Where to learn Tantric Massage: 

The best way is to learn in-person with a certified and experienced therapist. This Yoni Massage Therapist Training is for female participants only and based in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Book your spot before March 14th, 2023 and get

a special Early Bird price!!

During this 6-day course you will learn:

By the end of the course, you will receive:


Module 1: Tantra Essentials

  • Main tantric concepts

  • Chakra system and femininity

  • Sexual energy

  • Basic tantric rituals


Module 2: Female Sexual Anatomy

  • Pelvic floor structure

  • 5 Yoni spots and mapping of yoni

  • 12 ways to orgasm and receive pleasure

  • Full-body energy orgasm


Module 3: Art of Tantric Massage

  • Base and essential oils for tantric massage

  • Consecration

  • Full-body massage techniques, including treatments of back, legs, arms, abdomen and chest regions

  • External/Internal Yoni Massage techniques

  • Marma points

  • Sublimation of energy

  • Psychosomatics: traumas and blockages


Module 4: Preparation

  • Protection techniques and preparation of the space

  • Ethics, professionalism and practice of consent during massage

  • Tantra Massage benefits and contraindications 

  • Ways to promote your service and finding right clients

  • Client screening / Interview process

  • After-care and support

  • 50 hours of hands-on teachings (6 full days)

  • Oils, sheets, gloves 

  • Light snacks and drinks 

  • Tantric Yoni Massage Sequence Protocol 

  • Certificate: Tantric Yoni Massage Therapist


  • Full Attendance

  • Exam (practical skills)

  • Avoiding stimulants

  • Complete 10 practice massages with reviews

Review photo 4

Chiara Mussari, Italy

Jane is a wonderful Goddess trainer and this online course

has been a Fantastic Journey.
It has been a journey into myself, into both pain and pleasure, and Jane has been able to facilitate the process making everyone feeling safe so we could confide with each others.She has been able to move energies creating great vibes. She showed me places and sensations t

hat I never knew before...
She connects instantly with you and makes you feel safe, because

she's very sensitive and knowledgeable.
You can feel how she moves your energy up even throughout an online course! Jane teaches you how to move energy up by yourself.
She's an expert! But more then this, she puts her heart in what she does, and this is the most important thing. Thank you so much for

creating this space for me.
Thank you for your energy, and time and love. I’m so grateful.

I would take the course 1000 times!

Review photo 5

Renée, Switzerland

Jane‘s course is a game changer and must do for all women, no matter the age! Expect a perfect cocktail of new information, tools and exercises that will pimp your personal growth, self love and sex life. It was the first safe space where I could discuss really intimate topics with fellow women (no judging or tabus!).

Thank you again Jane! 

Review photo 6

Sofia Be, USA

I have taken a course with Jane June 2020.

It was such a blissful uplifting experience. It has been now 4 weeks since the course and I feel transformed as a woman and as human being. JANE, WHEN ARE YOU DOING THE ADVANCED COURSE?

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