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Sexual femininity

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Learn to be a tantric woman, a woman who is in peace and complete harmony with her own body. Discover a source of feminine sexuality and challenges on the way to access pleasure. We will learn to surrender, be vulnerable and sensual as only a woman can be.

  1. Pelvic floor structure

  2. Sacred yoni spots and types of orgasms

  3. Kegel exercises, pelvic movements

Goddess Alive

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Each woman is a goddess inside. While streaming through the main archetypes of Indian goddesses and sacred practices to invoke them, explore how each goddess expresses herself in your unique personality, and get closer to discover your “prefect” divine self. You will not only talk the talk, but walk the walk of a goddess alive, literally. Will she be a graceful warrior, a generous provider, an ecstatic lover or all of the above? Each goddess will be invited inside the body to explore the transformative power of divine feminine, great love for the godly forces inside each woman and ways to awaken needed divine energies to use in every day life.

  1. Self-transfiguration

  2. Archetypes of the main Indian goddesses. Using mantra, meditation and dance to invoke them in the body

  3. Sacred rituals to establish the link with the divine feminine power

  4. Feminine circle to cultivate trust and sisterhood and illuminate jealousy and competition between women.

Sorceress Alive

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Energy balance is vital for a woman. Explore feminine aspects of each chakra, how it influences personality, relationships, sexuality and even habits. Learn ways to balance and sublimate energies for a fuller and more harmonious life.

  1. Enhance positive and purify negative feminine aspects of each chakra

  2. Balance of feminine and masculine energies

  3. Archetypes of women on each chakra

  4. Yin yoga session to raise awareness of your feminine organs and proper ways of stimulating and taking care of them. Hip-opening exercises. Ovarian breathing.

  5. Womb blessing closing meditation. Connect to your inner source of femininity and feel the life force awaken in every cell of the body.



Alevtina Makarkina, 32, NYC 

The workshop was well organized (despite of the technical issue but we can't predict that sometimes). Jane is knowledgeable instructor, she knows the material she presented and shared her experience with us, which helped us to relax more and be open to share our experiences as well. I like that she interacted enough with students, listen our questions and tried to give completed answers, and making sure we understood what we heard. 


Maude Bouvier, 26, Montréal

Jane's workshop was so packed with information. She did a lot of research to come up with an incredible vulgarized summary. I knew nothing of tantra (and of my own body apparently ahah). Thank you for sharing your passion with the world so beautifully. You are truly inspiring. And such a great yoga teacher on top of that ! Nobody taught me confidence as well as this girl. She helped me make peace with a part of me I didn't know existed and helped me grow in unexpected ways.


Liza T., 27, NYC

It was a wonderful workshop. Jane is very knowledgeable and really takes time to answer all the questions. I got a lot of useful information from this workshop and been telling about it to all my friends. I think it’s a must go workshop as it makes you look differently at some things and also to your body. 

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