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Yoga Private Classes on the Beach

Unforgettable one-on-one yoga experience on a beach. Yoga asanas and fresh ocean breeze will charge you for the rest of the day with positive and tranquil vibes.

Private Hatha Yoga class is created for your special needs and goals, whether you are looking to balance energy, learn a headstand or to manage stress. 



We’ll meet early in the morning while the air is fresh, and the sun is raising. The practice opens with a guided meditation and a pranayama (yogic breathing technique) to relax your mind and bring you to the state of awareness. Yoga asana practice could be a mellow stretch or a full-power flow, depending on your preference. Deep relaxation in savasana with a singing bowl chakra alignment to organically close the practice is a cherry on top. Gain a new perspective and rest your senses with a magnificent front row ocean view. There is no better way to nourish your body and soul while on vacation. Book your unforgettable experience today!



- 30 minute meditation and pranayama practice.

- 1 hour deep Hatha Yoga Class

- Yoga mat, blocks, belt, and blanket are included.

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