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Tantra Massage Class for Couples 

The tantric massage class is tied to your needs and goals as a couple. It is great way to learn a new skill to enhance your private life and to reconnect with your partner on a deeper level. 

Tantric Massage is a sacred healing ceremony for awakening stagnant energies in the body and removing physical and emotional blockages caused mostly by traumas and mistreatments.


Tantric Massage class usually lasts between 4 and 5 hours. There is always a brief interview before the session, when you can share your goals and challenges as a couple. The class is held in a private room, where you will feel comfortable to express yourself. You will learn the art of a full-body tantric massage, and ways to hold space and support each other on the journey. 
No previous knowledge of tantra and tantric practices is necessary. Just an open mind.



- 30-minute interview before the session
- Learn a full-body ayurvedic massage techniques, including treatments of back, legs, arms, abdomen, and chest regions
- Explore energy-activating Marma point therapy and full-body energy circulation

- Practice external/internal yoni massage or external lingam massage techniques (depends on the gender of a receiver)
- Get introduction on basic tantric rituals

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