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The Art of Being a Woman Retreat

The beautiful wise woman at our core might starve without proper nourishing, care and love. A culture of shame and men domination has limited our ways to flourish as confident women. This Puerto Escondido Retreat is created for you to awaken and bring your raw essence for the world to see and enjoy.

We will discuss all the main “taboo” topics: orgasms, pelvic floor, periods, relationships, sexual compatibility of partners, dive deep in the sacred tantric knowledge and practices and much, much more! 

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You will be able to release old patterns and open to the power of the universal feminine energies; let go of sufferings, traumas, and guilt while creating room for a healthy and exciting present; restore the connection between your sexual creative energy, mind and body; realize and embrace the perfection of your unique personality and divine feminine nature.

Together, we will draw a path to unconditional self-love. This week is about you: work, kids and obligations will just have to wait. Be open to discovering the beautiful, radiant, orgasmic you. There is no need to pretend, act or plan anything. Follow your intuition and cross the gate to your inner temple of divine beauty, power and self-love. 

Enhance positive and purify negative feminine aspects of each chakra, and learn ways to balance masculine and feminine energies and sublime it for a much fuller and harmonious life.

This retreat includes daily yoga classes specifically designed for women; a daily meditation; Archetypes of the Main Indian Goddesses, Pelvic Floor Structure and Types of Orgasms workshops. You will also enjoy, the lovingly-prepared by our private chef, gourmet vegetarian meals, fresh juices and unlimited purified water. Other group activities will include Traditional Mexican Temazcal Ceremony, Women circles, Tarot nights, hikes and surprise fun field trips, music, dance, good vibes and great community of like-minded people. 

But we are not just about learning and "yogaing," it is your vacation and you are going to love it – there is plenty of time to be alone or with your new girlfriends to stroll around, enjoy local food and hang out on the beach, plus, full 12 hours of rest after dinner.


The retreat is located in the privileged and quiet location, only 1 minute away from the beach and all the restaurants in La Punta Zicatela, Puerto Escondido in Southern Mexico. It is only a 50-minute flight away from Mexico City. You have a choice of two arrival airports with regular flights in both directions. Puerto Escondido has its own airport (PXM) and it's about 2 hours away from Huatulco Airport (HUX). 

Puerto Escondido is a surfing Mecca of Mexico, but each of its eight beaches has its own charm and its own distinct personality. It is a special destination to enjoy the Pacific coast among history, culture, and nature. The combination of half-empty beaches and moderate prices makes this up-and-coming area very attractive for travelers, who are looking for a safe journey but ready to explore beyond the popular Mexican beach areas.

The house is overlooking beautiful Pacific Ocean. There is an airy terrace with a hammock and an ocean view. Spectacular sunsets are guaranteed. The bedroom has a king-size bed and a private bathroom with hot water. The place is perfect for couples and single people, looking for a private and tranquil time off.


Your Hosts

Jane Zolkina

Cathy Hernandez


She discovered the transformative power of sacred femininity in the darkest times of her life. Since then, she immersed herself in studying and teaching the wisdom of Yoga. Her life’s goal is to help women to discover their own beauty, strength and sexuality. 

She is a jack of all trades with experience in business development and intuitive personal development.  When she is not creating promotional videos for small businesses, she practices her craft as a Permanent Makeup Artist.   She has a bachelors degree in Psychology and is a self published author living in NYC with her husband and two daughters.

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