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Yoga Group Classes in Puerto Escondido

Hatha is an alignment-oriented practice to restore and balance solar and lunar energies of a body. Classes with Jane are ALWAYS open level, traditional asanas here are held longer in accurate alignment to open space in the physical and energetic bodies, so beginner and the advanced practitioner will feel the powerful effects of yoga.

The practice is focused on core strength, flexibility and balance as well as concentration, breath control and strong connection between mind and body. This class explores movements and sequences including sun salutations, backbends, forward folds and twists. Arm balances and inversions might also be incorporated.

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Get stronger and more flexible

Learn a correct yoga asana alignment

Find a community of like-minded people


Yoga Group Class  

In-person group hatha yoga classes are held from:

Booking is simple. Fill up our quick questionnaire below and book our personal call, for us to match your needs and goals the best way. Let’s get on this journey together and discover a healing power of yoga today!

Monday to Thursday
5 pm - 6:30 pm

Yoga in Puerto Escondido,
Oaxaca, Mexico.

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Review photo

Andrea Borja, Berlin

EnerJane's classes are beautiful. She is a caring and devoted teacher

who always maked sure her students are practicing safely. I have had bad experiences with other teachers who've pushed me to bend more, stretch more, hold longer and this has never been beneficial for my practice. With Jane it's never like that. Her adjustments are so gentle, loving, and always within

my boundaries.

What I like the most about Jane's classes is how meditative they can be. I just close my eyes and follow her voice, trusting that she'll lead me home.

Jane Zolkina

Jane "EnerJane" is a 1100-hour certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher (Abhinam Yoga, India and The Yoga Institute, India) and Tantra Massage Therapist (Somananda Tantra School, Estonia). She holds a 300-hour Hatha Yoga and Meditation Certification (Hridaya Yoga, Mexico) and over 500 hours in advanced Tantric studies.


She picked up her first book about yoga when she was 13 years old and has been deeply involved in studying asanas, pranayamas, meditation, yoga philosophy, anatomy and physiology since then.

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Video Classes

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